There is a lot of SEO news out there about the best methods to create a successful SEO campaign and how search engines may be changing their algorithms. However, some SEO news sources contain some very interesting stories about search engines.

For instance, during the early days of Google, when it was still a research project, company founders used LEGO bricks to make a storage compartment for the 10 four gigabyte hard drives that were being used to test the PageRank algorithm. First of all, it is hard to believe that they were using mere four gigabyte hard drives. Today, we would laugh at the small size of those hard drives.

There are other fun facts in SEO news about Google. Take for instance how the lawns at Google headquarters are mowed. They use goats. Yes, goats rented from a local grazing company are used to mow the lawns. I would venture to say this is not something covered often in SEO, but is interesting nonetheless.

On the more serious side of SEO news, you can find statistics that show that Google holds between 65 and 70 percent of the search engine market share. This shows just how powerful this company is when considering search engine basics and procedures.

SEO news often focuses on the 100 billion global searches that are conducted each month. These SEO news articles often focus on the best ways to harness all those searches to raise the search engine rankings of websites.

There are many SEO news sites and outlets that can also cover SEO marketing. For instance, statistics indicate that by 2014, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets will overtake desktop computer Internet usage. Because of this, SEO professionals have been pushing the theory that websites should be optimized for use on these mobile devices.

Using SEO news information can help turn an under performing website into a website that appears at the top of those Google rankings. Appearing higher will result in higher website traffic. This higher visitor traffic will often lead to more leads or sales.

You can find all sorts of SEO news that you can use, and you might even find out just how long it takes those goats to finish mowing the lawns.

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