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Google rankings that are provided by the PageRank algorithm, so named for Google founder Larry Page, are so popular that it is amazing to think this search engine was once a research project that used Legos to house their storage compartments with four gigabyte hard drives. Today, this leader among search engines influences most online marketing and search engine optimization across every industry. The organic rate of click through, or results on a page that are found by Google and not paid for through pay per click advertising, generates about a 25 percent higher chance of sales than those paid ads. This is why most organizations that focus on creating a strong internet marketing strategy hire professionals to help them understand SEO. The process of writing enriched content using keywords, building links through blog use, editing meta tags and more should be a priority if your organization relies on web sales to stay in business.

There are more than three out of every five users that trust mobile browsers on their smartphones or tablets to find businesses where they spend money these days. That is a staggering amount of sales occurring in the palm of the hands of your potential clients or customers. If your company is not trying to get a piece of that very active mobile browsing market, there is a good chance you are letting your competition blow you away. Mobile browsing is expected to dominate traditional desktop browsing as of 2014, and most mobile browsers will not go beyond the first page of results when they search for a local company. Being ranked as high as you can and should be a priority among your internet marketing strategy. Creating an effective internet marketing is not easy if you are unfamiliar with online search marketing. Most search marketing used to revolve around paying for digital ad space. Today, most users of the web or social media are too savvy to click blindly on digital ads. Pop up blockers cut down on the effectiveness of most digital ad space considerably. Furthermore, ad disablers have made internet marketing strategists routinely update their approach since the turn of the millennium. Contact a third party internet marketing agency or freelance professional to learn more about these services. The most reliable internet marketing professional that your company can hire will be one that pays attention to the ongoing changes made to search algorithms and other SEO news.

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