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As the College Board administered its newest version of the SAT test, your small college scholarship essay writing and test preparation service prepares for a new wave of customers. All studies indicate that a change in either the ACT or SAT format is the greatest indicator that all related college preparation services will see months of increased business. Does your business have a plan to capitalize on this expected increase?
New season. Warmer weather. New business goals.
Whether you are a golf pro shop, a gift or clothing boutique, or an essay writing service, it is important to take advantage of any opportunity to get new customers and clients. And while preparing and ordering new products and services is an important step in the right direction, if no one knows about the changes you are making, you likely will not get your share of new business. Today’s marketing world requires that any business that wants to be successful understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Finding a great SEO reseller to help you meet these goals is the next important step.
As both small and large business owners begin the process of updating their products a services for spring and summer, many of them are also evaluating their marketing strategies and website presence. No matter what product or service business owners offer, it is important to make sure that the marketing strategies they are using and the website platform they are providing are helping them reach their sales goals. Is your business ready to SPRING into the Daylight Savings time change and position itself for a summer season that will surpass its sales and service goals?
Search list domination.
Profits increase.
Reseller strength.
Images sell.
New customers.
Growth goals.
Nearly 100 billion global searches are conducted every month. Did you know 93% of these online experiences begin with a search engine? The secret to increasing your chance of landing at the top of these searchers is in finding a great SEO reseller to help you capitalize on the strategies that will help you SPRING ahead of the competition.
Search list domination. Understanding social media is an important part of finding a great SEO reseller. Using strategies to get customers to “like” a post or tweet and repost information from social media content is the secret to increasing a company’s search engine exposure. Social media is what advertisers formerly called word of mouth advertising. Endorsing a product or service on social media counts because people see these recommendations given by their friends.
Profits increase. In the process of finding a great SEO reseller you may want to look for guaranteed clicks. Paying for clicks as they happen may be the best way that your business can make sure that your profits increase as you pay for the SEO services you use. The pay per click platform allows clients to only pay for the clicks that brings customers to their websites, increasing the chance that profits will increase.
Reseller strength. Another important step in finding a great SEO reseller is to measure the strength of the platform you are hiring. Does the SEO provider understand that nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads? As a result, are they focusing on organic results instead?.
Images sell. What is it about those cute koalas? Even someone who will never visit Australia cannot seem to avoid clicking on those adorable images of baby koalas. Once you understand that it is just the koala, that actually feels as course as a hairbrush rather than as supple we all imagine, that is getting the clicks, you begin to understand the importance of images. These pictures and strong visual images make people stop what they are doing, focus for an instant, and, ultimately, click to a business website.
New customers. Followers on social media can become your new customers. What starts as a daily post on social media can actually translate into real customers who order from your online site or walk into your store to make a purchase or order a service.
Growth goals. What are yours? The best SEO platform can help you determine what numbers you need to reach to actually SPRING ahead of your competition! Ready to start?
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