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So you wanna be an SEO reseller. Selling seo services, whether it be white label SEO or outsourcing SEO, the pathway to huge SEO reseller profits involves a whole lot more than just giving out expert Google tips. In this day and age, being good at selling SEO involves a lit more than just typing “5 steps to SEO reselling” in a search engine — hopefully it’s Google — and repeating what you just found. Surprisingly, ironically, and coincidentally, becoming an expert SEO reseller involves a more human approach.

Understanding the basics, including the 5 steps to SEO reselling, is a critical aspect of becoming a successful SEO reseller, but just about anyone — even Grandma — can memorize and repeat the 5 steps to SEO reselling! On the other hand, not everyone is cut out to become an SEO reseller! Make sense? Don’t worry, it will soon.

Selling SEO is a lot like selling just about anything else in that involves a certain type of personality. Typically speaking, introverts usually don’t make good sales employees. Not that they’re not capable, but because they might be missing that certain “it” factor that makes the most effective salesmen and women so good at what they do. That “it” factor is called charisma, and you either have it or you don’t!

Another inherent quality necessary to becoming a successful SEO reseller is empathy. Sympathy is great but in reality, empathy is really where it’s at. Think of it kind of like a superpower that allows you to actually put yourself in another person’s — or animal or alien or living for that matter — shoes and feel what they’re feeling. Pretty cool, huh? Well that’s what empathy is!

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