How Google Rankings Dominate Market Share In The Search Engine Optimization World

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Google rankings come from humble beginnings, back when the Google enterprise was still using Lego bricks to construct a storage compartment that held four gigabyte drives while testing the PageRank algorithm. Since then, internet marketing has come quite a long way. More online marketing and search engine optimization is managed through Google, which receives close to 70 percent of market share across all search engines. Google rankings play a major role in the development of several organizations that rely on Web sales. Most web users do not go beyond the first page of results, and 42 percent of web users, meaning more than two out of every five web users, will click on the first organic result that a search produces. Fewer users than ever trust paid results, which are essentially advertisements on the side of the page produced by a search engine. This direct form of marketing has lost favor in a culture that has democratized their commerce.

This democratization has led to 57 percent of experts on business to business marketing reporting that search engine optimization has the largest amount of influence on lead generation strategies that they rely on. Relying upon search engine optimization alone is not enough. Excellent web design, strategic planning and some paid advertisement will all matter in your overall marketing strategy. Mobile browsing is a specific area of web marketing that needs to be considered. More sales are made on mobile devices than ever before these days, with about 65 percent of mobile web users currently relying on tablets or smart phones to seek out local businesses where they make an eventual purchase. Google rankings plays a big role in which organic results show up first among local searches on mobile devices. Keywords matter, as does the quality of links that are both in bound and out bound to and from your website.

Such concepts as link quality, keyword research and search engine optimization reporting may not be in your wheelhouse. If this is the case, experts on Google rankings can be consulted. Consultants that provide strategies for understanding and making decisions based on Google rankings exist all over the nation. Check out the professionals that can help your business understand Google rankings and make smart decisions. The input you get from a web services consultant might help you avoid investing heavily in a new good or service that will not sell well, while focusing instead on options more likely to yield a high return on investment.

Google Rankings Help The 92 percent Of Adults, Who Search Once A Day, Reach Their Web Destination

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Google rankings are among the top priority for Internet marketers and businesses using the Web to get noticed. Since most buyers and clients use the web to search for products and services, tailoring one’s online presence accordingly is a very significant factor for marketing themselves effectively. Google’s force in online marketing has arisen over a few years, but it does have a history of other trivia. The search engine’s first ever tweet was a binary code for “I’m feeling lucky”, a button on the site for going directly to the first ranked site for a search. While this occurred on February 26, 2009, the importance of Google rankings since has increased exponentially.

Many companies have turned to search engine optimization to boost their presence online. It is important to reach a larger audience. Statistics show that 92 percent of adults on the web search for something at least once a day, in the United States. Businesses are concerned with their Google rankings because they can reach a broad audience if just a fraction of these searches lands them on top. They rely on Seo to tailor their sites and content to the search engine algorithms and reach a majority. Consumers are web savvy. About 58 percent start their product or service research with a search engine, while just 24 percent visited a company website first and 18 percent used social media as a primary tool. These facts are incorporated into marketing plans that often factor in Google rankings to make key decisions.

Since consumers start with a search to start their shopping, Google rankings are strongly considered and worked on to drive visitor traffic and sales. Many companies pay for ads at the top, but the click through rates for these are not as high. Organic sites, or those that appear on the search list more naturally, convert 25 percent more prospects than per per click listings. Another aspect of Internet marketing is the prevalence of mobile devices and their use for doing business and shopping. Concentrating on Google rankings of a mobile network means reaching the 65 percent of mobile Internet users who find local businesses with smartphones or tablets. Search results placement, the number of people shopping on the web, and mobile device use are just a few factors that drive companies to fine tune their marketing strategies. The effect of Google rankings is just one of the major factors driving these decisions and consuming the minds of marketers.

Search Engine Optimization Can Help You To Feel Lucky

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In February of the year 2009, Google made its first tweet ever which just happened to be binary code for the phrase I am feeling lucky. By utilizing search engine optimization for your business, you could start feeling lucky too because the techniques will undoubtedly help you to increase your Google rankings. The truth is that Google claims somewhere between sixty five and seventy percent of the market share in the realm of search engine rankings and if you want your business to claim the highest standard of these rankings, then you will need search engine optimization to boost your position.

There over a hundred billion searches that are conducted every single month and it takes search engine optimization to help your business consistently land at the top of each results page. Search engine optimization may be more significant than you realize because while 18 percent of internet users research products and services on social media sites and 24 percent go directly to company websites, 58 percent get their information by utilizing a search engine. Using search engine optimization in the right way might just be the easiest method you have of capitalizing on this existing traffic by directing it straight to your online presence.

Larry Page, who happens to be the cofounder of Google, was the one who coined the algorithm based PageRank system in his namesake and you can use SEO to take advantage of this. In fact, you should lean on search engine optimization to help you to get ranked highly with every single search engine, even the lesser ones. The broader your program is, the more consumers that you are bound to reach. It will also work in your favor to organically raise your ranking online.

Thanks to Seo, even customers that had no idea you existed will stumble into your website or social media presence. This is because when they type in keywords that associate with the ones in your SEO program, your website will be scaled to the top of their results. By default, this will get many to click on your link first. Then, your website will hopefully be enough to convert them to customers.

Ultimately, this form of online marketing could be your most powerful tool. In the end, it can mean the difference between whether or not you are able to survive against your competition. More importantly, it can be the catalyst that facilitates serious growth for your company.