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When someone goes online looking for something using their search engines, 70 percent of them will use the organic links that come up on the first page of the search results. Search marketing is very popular because it is the best way to get organic traffic coming to a websites. Search engine optimization is a highly sought after service because of the overwhelming effectiveness of it. 80 percent of the people using search engines say they hardly ever click on a sponsored link that comes up in their search results. It makes more sense to put your money into search marketing using SEO as your main objective. Search marketing is the best way to get new customers coming to your website.

Most online retailers tell us that 39 percent of their online visitors come from keyword searches and search marketing results. That high of a percentage makes search marketing a good place to invest advertising dollars. Another place to use search marketing is on mobile websites. People who are a web design reseller can educate their clients on the need for mobile websites these days. Smartphone users are using their phone to get online more these days. In fact, they say that a record 64 percent of the smart phone users are going online to shop for things via their phones. A search marketing reseller can make sure that they find your website when they look for the things you sell or the services you are offering.

The most popular way to do internet marketing is via search marketing firms. These are the SEO firms that take client orders for website search engine optimization. Your business can make more revenue and gain more profits by investing in search marketing services today. Trying to optimize a business website requires the expertise of skilled professionals who are proficient in today’s search engine optimization needs. Another big area that concerns search marketing is social media. Only about 30 percent of the average companies with a business social media account can respond to customer queries. By hiring search marketing firms, business owners can get the social media account services they need to maintain frequent and effective communications on social media accounts.

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