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If you had to guess, how many online searches would you say are performed every month across the globe? A million? Ten million? A hundred million? Keep going.

Recent estimates put the total number of global monthly searches somewhere around 100 billion. That’s over 14 times the total number of people on the planet. As a result, Google and other search engines have become nearly ubiquitous online, showing up in browser toolbars and even on smartphones. Plus, many digital marketing services have sprung up across the web, offering a number of highly specialized services to burgeoning companies.

Among these services, one of the most essential is search engine optimization, often called simply SEO. The tools of SEO are manifold, but its goal is simple: boosting online visibility and the quality of online content. The top search engine optimization companies have followed a winning formula that has allowed them to flourish in an era of unprecedented Internet growth. But how?

Going organic

SEO 101 dictates the most crucial rule of the game: If it’s not organic, users aren’t interested. Search Engine Journal reports that 70 percent of all user-clicked links are organic, and 79 percent of total users will click on natural results before they click on sponsored advertising. What does this mean for your small business? It pays to get noticed in the Google search rankings because more visibility means more traffic, and more traffic means higher profitability.

Engaging design and content

Your site is only as good as its content, layout and navigation. As the best online marketing experts will tell you, users tend to only spend 90 seconds looking around a site for the information they want. You have to make that minute and a half the most engaging time the user spends on the web all day. If you can afford it, consider outsourcing your design to a professional website development agency to really make it pop.

Pure determination

SEO has, unfortunately, gotten a reputation as a kind of web-based “wonder drug.” But the top search engine optimization is an investment, not a winning lottery ticket. SEO simply can’t help a site that’s poorly designed and riddled with weak content — if you want your site to be discovered, you have to craft it to become something worth discovering. Take pride in your work, then let the users come find you.

Staying social

Along with top search engine optimization, social media is one of the most potent tools you can use to build up your brand visibility. But it doesn’t help to create a Twitter account and never tweet; you have to become a presence. The more you update, the greater the chance one of your messages will go viral, which could, potentially, net you thousands of new clicks.

Blogging and branding

Statistics have shown again and again: Companies that blog have 434 percent more indexed pages in search engines. Research firm MarketingSherpa reported that top search engine optimization content marketing can boost blog traffic by 2,000 percent, which can ultimately yield a revenue increase of up to 40 percent. It really can’t be said enough — more content means more traffic, which means more money in your pocket. Visit here for more.

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