Welcome to SEO Reseller Hosting, your site for finding the best hosts for SEO reselling, C-class SEO domains, social bookmarking sites, useful search engine optimization news, internet marketing articles, and more. Your host this evening is the inimitable, lovable man-about-town Clark Chesterton.Clark has been in the SEO reseller hosting game for donkey’s years. His pre-SEO origin story was tragic. During his teenage years he aspired to become a world famous dolphin trainer. He read all of the seminal texts on dolphin training and reached out to the movers and shakers in the field for tips. He even moved to Florida and began assembling a crack team of dolphins. He bonded with his dolphins intensely and it was said that he even had a telepathic connection with them. The tricks he trained these dolphins to do were quite impressive and he began to steadily gain local notoriety among dolphin fans. Things were looking up for him when he finally scored his first contract. It was a lucrative military contract, but it was classified and they wouldn’t reveal what he would be required to do until he signed on for employment. On his first day with his dolphins out in the field he finally learned what he’d been contracted for. His dolphins were going to have to use their sonar to search out old underwater mines so that they could be disarmed and decommissioned. Clark had not ever suspected that his dolphins would be put into this kind of dangerous position, but he had already signed the contract and was legally obligated to go through with the job. Though the dolphins made many successful missions and showed off their incredible skill and derring-do, one day the inevitable happened: Sparky, the youngest dolphin of the pack, made an error in judgement and set off one


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